Commitment to Sustainablility

As a busy parent you may have the desire to be better to the environment and want to convert to products that are better for your baby's health, but it's time consuming to research every product you are considering purchasing.  Sometimes even when a brand promises their product is better for various reasons, in fact it may not be for other reasons.  It's daunting to shop with a specific mission in mind.  Sometimes I find myself making purchases without researching a product and regretting it after reading a negative article about that product or company later.  It's all very hard to keep up with, especially while raising children.

That's where Baby Love steps up to help you accomplish your child-safe, eco-minded, naturally sustainable, health conscious goals.  Our selection of products is finely curated and most fit sustainability criteria in some fashion.  Purchasing products that are locally made, from small local businesses, made with recycled or earth-friendly materials, made in a factory that practices manufacturing sustainability are among the many ways you can feel confident you are supporting this mission to be better to the environment, your community, and most importantly your child.

Every small step counts toward a bigger one.  Last year I stopped using paper towels and baggies and now use washable bamboo paper towels and cloth baggies.  We stopped throwing away food scraps and started composting in our backyard.  I am working on an initiative to distribute a recycling bin to every house in my neighborhood to encourage recycling.  I offer a free workshop at Baby Love to educate people about cloth diapers.  These are just a few of the ways that I have contributed toward my mission of producing less waste and pollution. All these things are pretty insignificant when you think about them individually, but when I reflect on all the small steps I've taken in just the last year, I'm proud to say I'm making a difference.

It is not just our mission at Baby Love to offer you the best, most sustainable, safest children's products on the market today, but to educate you on WHY that's important.

Let's start with the company HEVEA who makes the natural rubber pacifiers and teethers we sell.  All the the materials they use are sustainable in some way.  Here is a short explanation of how natural rubber is better for the environment:

By being exposed to sunlight, moist and fresh air, natural rubber has the ability to be broken down physically and chemically by microorganisms.  HEVEA products are made from the natural rubber sap and the wood, which is biodegradable. Using natural rubber and rubber wood, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil/petroleum, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

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