Eco-Friendly Nail Polish...Does it work?

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After my trip to the salon last month where my daughter napped in a massage chair while I got my nails painted, I came to terms with the fact that the nail salon was just something this single mama of two didn't have time for any more.  Plus, I had been feeling guilty for years about using nail polish that I knew was unhealthy, and now I was dragging my daughter along.

So I let my nails breathe for a while and thought maybe I would just stop painting my nails.  I got bored of that pretty quickly, and my nails are very brittle without a couple coats of paint to protect them.  I do very little to fancy myself up each day and not painting my nails wasn't helping me feel any better about myself. 

I finally remembered that Last time I bought Piggy Paint (kid's non-toxic nail polish) to sell at Baby Love, I was given a sample of their mama line SOPHi,  a water-based nail polish made for adults.  Free from the typical harsh polish chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or ethyl acetate, SOPHi is made with just three ingredients; Water, Acrylates copolymer, Neem Oil.

Before using it, I must admit I was a skeptic.  I threw a couple coats on and it didn't last long.  I thought of course, without deadly chemicals there's no way it could not work as well as other polishes.  So the second time I tried it, I actually read the directions and followed them.  Primer, 3 coats of Color (blow dry each coat), Shine (blow dry), Seal (blow dry).  Although it was 6 coats, the process went very quickly as the blow dryer sped up the dry time significantly.  I did this while the kids were napping yesterday! 

Here I am, a day and a half later and my nails are still flawless!  That might not sound like a miracle, but if you saw everything I did (including swimming in the pool and washing my hands about 1,000 times) these past couple days, you would admit this nail polish withstood a test that I doubt the chemical-laden stuff could have.

Now that I have so much confidence in the durability of this polish, I can't imagine ever using the harsh stuff again.  I wouldn't use the harsh stuff on my baby, so why was I willing to poison myself with it?  I paint my baby girl's (and sometimes my son's) nails with Piggy Paint as often as they would like and don't have anything to feel guilty about.  Now, in addition to preserving my health, I am saving time and money by doing my own nails at home with SOPHi.  I am proud to add this to my list of small eco-friendly, health-conscious initiatives in my life.  Every step counts!

To find out more about SOPHi, click HERE.

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