How to Buy A Baby Shower Gift They'll Actually Want

With so many pandemic babies being born, we’ve been noticing an increase in people looking for baby shower gifts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro parent looking for a new and creative present or a baby shower newbie who has never shopped for a baby gift, these are our best tips for buying something the parents will love!

  1. Stick to the registry

This may seem obvious, but it’s the best way to guarantee the new parents will actually want or need your gift. If they didn’t make a registry or everything has already been claimed, then you can skip this and move on to the next tip. But if they do have a registry, I promise picking something from their list won’t be boring or predictable. They will be grateful you listened to their wants and needs and respected their choices for how they want to parent the new baby. Shopping from the registry doesn’t mean you have to go straight to Amazon. If you bring that registry to your favorite small business (like us), they will be happy to show you any products in their store that are on the registry.

  1. Size up

If you’re buying an outfit for the new baby, you can skip over the newborn and 0-3 month sizes. Parents will receive so much clothing in tiny sizes that their baby will really only wear for a few weeks. If you want to give a gift that will last, pick a size 6-9 or 9-12 in a style that will be appropriate for the season the baby will be that size. Parents will be super grateful to have some bigger sizes when their little one grows out of all of the other outfits given as baby shower gifts.

  1. Pick something personalized

You definitely won’t gift the same thing as someone else if you choose something one-of-a-kind. Consider picking a basic blanket, bib, or onesie and getting it embroidered with baby’s name or monogram. Don’t know the name yet? Buy some beautiful art for the nursery. This kind of gift always feels more personal and is more likely to carry some sentimental value into the future.

  1. Make a gift set

While everyone else is shopping for the big ticket items on the registry, you can put together a curated set of smaller, useful gifts. Need some ideas? Pick out a body wash, lotion, and wash cloths to make a bath set. Pair up a bib, burp cloth, and feeding set for mealtime essentials that will last until baby is a toddler. The possibilities are endless and a great way to make a useful gift feel personal.

  1. Something for the parents

This might sound obvious, but giving birth and taking care of a baby are hard! The new parents deserve gifts and love just as much as that new baby. If you’re a parent, think back to what you wanted when you brought home your newborn. Maybe that was luxurious body products from Earth Mama, or maybe it was your favorite magazines to read while you breastfed. Regardless, the parents will be so grateful for any gift that makes their lives with a new baby easier or more comfortable.


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