My Journey Into Cloth Diapering

I am so thrilled to be launching this website to help bring cloth diapers to the masses.  I started a career in the baby industry 6 years ago, not knowing anything about cloth diapering.  My son was one year old when I opened my children's store, Baby Love, and I wanted to cloth diaper him but my researching online got overwhelming and there were no known local resources to get help with all the choices available.  We started out offering a cloth diaper workshop monthly to help bring people into the store.  At the time, we were strictly consignment so we started out selling gently used cloth diapers.  The more I learned about cloth diapers, the more interested I became and we started selling one fairly well-known brand of new cloth diapers.  The more I discovered all the benefits of cloth diapering, the more passionate I became.  I added brand after brand until we housed an entire cloth diaper section in the store.

Even though buying the most expensive cloth diapers ends up being cheaper than buying disposables, after 5 years I learned that most well know cloth diaper brands were priced higher than most people could afford as an upfront investment.  Many people were too intimidated to begin cloth diapering because they would have to spend $500+ initially to get started if they wanted to wash diapers only once a day.

Baby Love diapers are priced to make cloth diapering affordable to everyone.  Spending a few hundred dollars on cloth will save you thousands of dollars in disposables.  Most importantly, the materials our diapers are made of are safe and comfortable for your baby.  Last, the environment benefits greatly by your choice to use cloth in endless ways.

Knowledge is power and I hope to educate, empower, and make cloth diapers accessible to anyone who has the desire to choose the most healthy, cost effective, environmentally friendly way to diaper your baby.

Knowing all I know now, I diaper my youngest baby in nothing but cloth.  Every time I walk past the diaper isle at the grocery store, I pat myself on the back that I just saved my family $45.  We use that money to take family vacations instead of throwing it into a landfill.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and resources with you in hopes to make cloth diapering less intimidating and more achievable for you and your family.  Having a young baby is life’s greatest joy.  I am so happy to be a part of your journey.