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As a parent of two young children (ages 3 and 7), I have been through various stages of parenting, which have been a mix of better, worse, easier, and harder.  At times I feel confident, and sometimes I second guess myself.  Each stage of parenting is different for every parent, and a lot depends on the personality of your baby.  There is one commonality we all share though; parenting is HARD WORK and a never-ending learning experience.

I have worked in child related industries for over two decade and I still learn about new products and practices daily.  Child related products change and evolve constantly.  One generation believes in hard-bottom shoes for a beginning walker, another generation believes in soft sole shoes.  Years ago we were encouraged to put our babies to sleep on their stomach, and now parents are told back is best when it comes to sleeping babies.  Even with my extensive childcare experience, two of my own children, and work in children's retail, and I have a hard time keeping up with modern education, trends, products, and philosophies.  All the new information can be overwhelming for a person who knows nothing about kids when they  discover they are expecting. 

I love my job at Baby Love because it allows me to communicate with other parents daily to discuss and learn what's trending in the world of babies.   I enjoy helping and empowering other parents with the knowledge and resources I have acquired over the years.

Every day I'm excited to help parents by offering a simplified selection of the best products that have been personally used and tested by myself and my children, or have glowing reviews from my customers and industry associates.  Rather than walking into a big box retailer and having to chose from 20+ pacifiers, Baby Love presents  just a few that we know are great.  The last thing an expectant parent needs is to be overwhelmed with unnecessary product options.

In addition to offering some of the best products on the market today, it's my desire to offer our local community resources to help with the various stages of childhood and parenthood.  Right now we offer a weekly Breastfeeding Support Group,  monthly Intro to Cloth Diapers Workshop, and Breastfeeding Workshop.  I'd like to expand our classes, workshops, and meetups to include Baby & Me Playdates, Children's Music & Art Class, Prenatal Support, Postpartum Support, Birthing Classes, Cloth Diaper Support & Swap, Babywearing Meetups, Birth Planning Made Easy, and other similar offerings.  In order to provide these needed community resources, we'll need people to commit to leading them each week or month.  While we try to offer  what we can free, some of these classes and workshops may have fees.

If you share the desire to help other parents through a class, workshop, or meetup at Baby Love, please send an email to

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