Product Highlight - NEST

We absolutely LOVE this All-In-One product by Native Wilds!  

As a busy parent with too much to carry everywhere we go, I love products that can play more than one role.  THIS baby essential plays over 5 roles!  It's a car seat cover, stroller cover, cart cover, nursing cover, swaddle, and scarf for mom!  And when you are not using it, it folds up into itself and takes up barely any room at all in your bag.  When I had my first child and all these essentials were separate products, I never seemed to have what I needed when I needed it.  With my second baby, I felt more experienced, like a professional mom once I learned that less is more and the key to functionality is simplicity.

It gets even better!  The fabric is derived from Eucalyptus trees and manufactured in the United States. The fabric is silky soft, hypoallergenic, cool, breathable, anti-bacterial, UV protected, and eco-friendly!

The NEST is the newest, most appreciated, must have gift for every new parent!

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