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The Beehive Atlanta

I am a huge proponent of shopping local.

I believe you are doing a huge injustice to your community and local economy when you shop at big box stores or online.  There are so many local Atlantans trying to make an honest living by creating and manufacturing products right here in our own back yard.

It's so much better for the environment and your community when you shop local, it's totally worth paying a couple more dollars for a product at a local mom and pop shop.  Not only are the unique items at Beehive made locally, most have a sustainable aspect to them as well.  Icing on the cake!

When I make a purchase at Beehive, I really treasure the items and gifts I buy as they are high quality, meaningful, and healthy.  I have been using the wallet I bought there for over a year now and it still looks new!  Today I bought ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable dry shampoo and I'm excited to switch to something that I'm sure is more healthy for me that what I've been buying in an aerosol can from Sephora.  They have a ton of locally personalized items too like apparel and artwork representing Atlanta and Georgia.

Today I discovered they are hosting their annual warehouse sale.  You could really spend all day in this place so give yourself at least an hour, and take your list of gifts you'll need for the next few months.  You could find a gift for anyone here.  There is tons of great merchandise from jewelry to hygiene products, and great bargains now too!

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