Top 5 Weirdest Baby Products According to Gen Z

If you've ever walked into Baby Love and seen the 20 year old behind the counter that looks way too young to advise on baby products, that would be me! My name is Gabrielle and I am a college student who has been working at the store for the last year. I’ve learned a ton about babies since I started this job but am somehow still surprised by the weird baby products we carry. Here are just a few of the products sold in Baby Love that completely shocked, confused, or amused me when I first encountered them.

I’m starting off pretty tame with Much Mitts and similar products. Did I know babies need teethers? Yes. Did I know babies liked putting their hands in their mouth? Also yes. Did I imagine a teething mitten that comes in all kinds of pretty colors and patterns? Absolutely not! I commend the mom who came up with this product because when you think about it, Munch Mitts make total sense! They give babies a tool to soothe hurting gums that is super easy for them to control because it’s attached to their hands. And they happen to be super cute!

This one goes out to all of the breastfeeding parents. The first time I saw these in the store, I just had to open the packaging to figure out what they were! These little tubes of flax seeds can be heated or cooled to soothe pain and discomfort from breastfeeding. They’re super practical with a name that makes them jump off the shelf! Again, these solve a problem that I didn’t even know existed for parents, but doesn’t exactly give me baby fever.

There are so many tools to help babies sleep through the night but these are definitely my favorite because they make babies look like little marshmallows! When I first started working here, I thought they were snowsuits and actually tried to recommend them to a customer for a ski trip (oops!).

As technology advances, so does parenting! Gone are the days of stretching headphones over a baby bump to play music to the baby in utero. Now you can by earbud adaptors that clip to your waistband and play music from your phone. Parents can choose to play classical music for brain development or let their baby dance around to their favorite pop music!

Last on my list and award winner for the grossest baby product I’ve seen is the Snotsucker by Fridababy. If there’s anything that would make me never want to have kids, it’s the thought of sucking out my baby’s boogers through a tube. The filter inside makes this product totally hygienic, but I can’t get over how gross it sounds. I applaud all of the parents who are brave enough to tackle this one!