Safe Car Seat Selection & Installation

One of the most researched things to shop for when preparing for a new baby is a car seat.  SO. MANY. OPTIONS.  There is a whole world of car seats out there that you never knew existed when you dive into the car seat rabbit hole.  There is so much to consider when choosing the best seat for your baby and family; safety, functionality, weight, capacity, and more.  As parents, we want nothing more than to keep our babies safe, so naturally, safety is at the forefront of this decision. 

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children (by a lot).  Driving in Atlanta for a day will likely convince you that your child is in danger every time you're on the road here. It's not pleasant to imagine, but it's very possible you might be involved in a car accident at some point with your child, and you are going to want them to be as protected as possible.
When my daughter was six months old, we were involved in an accident when a car pulled out from a neighborhood road and hit us, HARD.  So hard it totalled my car. I immediately hopped out of the car and grabbed her out of her car seat, sat down on the curb with her cradled in my arms, and sobbed.  I was in shock, and although I was hurt, I could think about nothing else but the safety of my baby.  Luckily, she was fine and I whole-heartedly attribute that to the car seat she was safely fastened in.  It was a Britax infant car seat because I've always loved Britax for their unwavering safety ratings.  Britax is always on the list of the safest car seats year after year, and I never had to wonder if I made a good decision if I stayed with the Britax brand.  
I have always been insistent about car seat safety since having my first child.  I knew I was choosing the safest seat, and I knew more than most about how to secure the seat into the car, and the child into the seat.  It wasn't until I went to a week long training to become a Child Passenger Safety Technician that I learned all I really needed to know.  I found out that even though I was obsessed with child safety and had been a mother for 8 years and now had 2 children, there were still things I was doing wrong!
A car seat is only as safe as it can be when it is being used properly.  Properly means having the seat's parts appropriately adjusted and positioned for that size child AND the seat is appropriately installed into the car.  Many factors weigh into these adjustments including weight and age of the child, your vehicle, the car seat, special needs, lifestyle, and more. Getting familiar with the logistics of all this can be intimidating.  It seems logical to think that you simply buckle a safe car seat into a safe car, and off you go!  But really, you must read the manual included with the car seat, and sometimes reference your car manual to know how to merge them both together properly.
To ensure your child is riding as safely as possible, start with researching car seats to find one that suits your preferences, making sure it's compatible with your vehicle and lifestyle. After purchasing, read through the manual to become familiar with all you need to know now and in the future as your child grows.  If possible, have a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) check your install to make sure everything is 100% correct with the installation of the seat and proper fit of your child in the seat.  
View Britax car seats here and sign up for an installation check by a CPST hereWhen you purchase a car seat at Baby Love, a CPST will assist you with installation for FREE!