Training Pant Kit - 4T

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Potty Training Kit - 1 Trainer + 3 Feel Wet Inserts
  • 1 training pant
  • 3 FeelWET™ one size inserts in coordinating fabrics
  • Best Value - Compared to other trainer kits, the Best Bottom kit is more affordable and costs less per change.
  • FeelWET™ - When your child feels wet, he or she will be more likely to want to change his or her pants. This behavior generally leads to quicker potty training.
  • Kids' Choice - These training pants were designed with toddlers' likes and dislikes in mind. They are toddler tested and approved!
  • Reusable - Washable, reusable training pants save your family money. They can be used on future children, too. Don't throw your money away!
  1. Snap FeelWET™ insert into pant and let your child pull up the pant themselves.
  2. If there is an accident, unsnap the wet insert and snap-in a clean FeelWET™ insert.
  3. Reuse until soiled or it's laundry day! Hand or Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

  • Brand: bestbottom
  • Child Size: 4

Item Number: 8662-51