Cloth Care

Recommended Cloth Diaper Care

Before first use

Materials such as cotton microfiber can be washed once before use. Natural fabrics such as bamboo and hemp require at least 3 hot washes to increase absorption, and will reach their maximum absorption after about 8 washes.


Wash dirty diapers every other day.

Diapers, wet bags, and wipes can be washed together.

Secure all hook & loop tabs before washing. 

Pre-wash (rinse) diapers in COLD water to remove waste and fight stains.

Wash diapers in HOT water with an extra rinse cycle.

If diapers still stink, re-wash them.

Line-dry diaper covers/shells, and pocket diapers.  It is okay to use the dryer for diaper inserts and all-in-one diapers.


Certain detergent ingredients may ruin your cloth diapers or cause your baby to get a diaper rash. Avoid detergents with pure soap, perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes, or other fabric enhancers. Using too much detergent may cause cloth diapers to leak.  

Diaper Cream

Certain diaper creams may cover the fibers of the diaper and reduce its absorption.  When using protective creams, always use a diaper liner and cloth diaper safe creams.

Solving Stink or Leak Problems

A small amount of baking soda or vinegar could help deodorize, but use minimally.

A warm wash with a squirt of liquid Dawn (the dish detergent), rinsed well, does a great job removing stinky residue from diapers.

When all else fails, try 1/4 cup of bleach in a large hot wash cycle to sanitize diapers and fight odors.

Use with caution and only when necessary.  The use of harsh chemicals decrease the lifetime of your diapers and void the warranty.