New Parent Consultant

Becoming a parent is one of life’s most beautiful new chapters.  We prepare by reading, researching, asking friends and family, and using our imagination.  We look at the photos of beautiful pregnant women, read books about beautiful births, and imagine a life of peace and beauty with our beautiful new being of our very own.  The future holds infinite possibilities.

Well we imagine it all that way, and then once we realize we are expecting a child, reality sets in and our experience may be a bit different than we expected.  The infinite world of baby products, parenting techniques, and advice from others becomes overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made; what kind of birth do I desire, who will deliver my baby and where, do I believe in circumcision and vaccinations, what kind of parenting style will I call my own, do we need a bigger car, do I need all-natural organic products, what kind of classes should I take to prepare, do I need a doula, doctor or midwife, who will help me after delivery……..and that’s just scratching the surface!

I would venture to say that most people MIGHT know what the answers to these questions SHOULD have been after birthing a few of their own or choosing a career in the birth/baby industry.  What you think you know, and what transpires, can be very different. As prepared as you may be, each baby is different and there will be many scenarios you did not expect to encounter along your journey.  That’s what parenthood is all about!

How can a New Parent Consultant help you?

A New Parent Consultant educates and guides you through each step of the process.  Becoming a parent is a big deal, and not easy to navigate alone, or just with the help of the internet.  There is an abundance of resources available to you, and you should be well informed about your options, without being overwhelmed through the process.  A New Parent Consultant with help you understand your options and navigate selections through the pregnancy, birth, and parenthood you envision.


Services offered


  • Discuss the changes to your body and life with a baby to determine if you feel ready and prepared to take the leap
  • Healthy vessel - Best preparing your body to carry a child
    • Exercise, eating, drinking, nutrients & vitamins
  • Discussing options if experience infertility
    • Resources for IVF, surrogacy, adoption


  • Discussing physician options (OBGYN, midwives), labor assistance (doulas), and delivery hospital based on you childbirth preferences
  • Staying healthy - what to eat (and avoid eating), exercise regimen, yoga, chiropractor, massages, activities to avoid, etc.
  • Reviewing delivery options & create a birth plan; skin to skin, bath, delayed clamping, circumcision, cord blood banking, medications/vaccinations, placenta encapsulation, pacifier, bottle, and more
  • Recommend childbirth preparation resources: Books, classes, and resources based on the childbirth experience you desire
  • Navigating products necessary and helpful for new parents & baby
  • Preparing for the hospital: what to pack and how to prepare
  • Preparing for after birth - postpartum resources to help adjust to life with baby; postpartum doula, postpartum depression, sleep training, childcare, classes and resources for parents and babies


  • Postpartum plans - Resources to help new parents adjust
    • Settling in - Considering a postpartum doula to assist with settling into a new routine, getting rest & sleep, and maintaining home
    • Feeding baby - Resources for lactation support, formula and bottle selection
    • Sleep assistance - Sleep training professionals and resources
    • Discussing local options to select childcare based on needs and desires
    • Support & Socializing - local classes and resources for parents and babies
  • Healthy baby - Germs, protection, and best practices
  • Navigating products necessary and helpful for new parents & baby
    • Suggestions for products to help with feeding, drinking, teething, sleeping and more
  • Creating a calendar/diary of events, appointments, and plans
  • Guidance for dads - How to play an active role in parenting, how to support mom
  • Overcoming obstacles
    • Direction with postpartum issues mom may experience - vaginal, breast, abdominal, c-section recovery, etc.
    • Postpartum depression - Resources and guidance to cope with emotional difficulty 
    • Identify possible issues with tongue & lip tie on baby


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