We're Expecting!

Now that you're expecting, it's time to start preparing for baby!  There are a multitude of decisions to make and your Baby Consultant can help guide you through each one of them, many you may not even have considered.  This package is designed to help you explore and determine every aspect of preparing you for your new arrival.
  • Discussing physician options (OBGYN, midwives), labor assistance (doulas), and delivery hospital based on you childbirth preferences
  • Staying healthy - what to eat (and avoid eating), exercise regimen, yoga, chiropractor, massages, activities to avoid, etc.
  • Reviewing delivery options & create a birth plan; skin to skin, bath, delayed clamping, circumcision, cord blood banking, medications/vaccinations, placenta encapsulation, pacifier, bottle, and more
  • Recommend childbirth preparation resources: Books, classes, and resources based on the childbirth experience you desire
  • Navigating products necessary and helpful for new parents & baby
  • Preparing for the hospital: what to pack and how to prepare
  • Preparing for after birth - postpartum resources to help adjust to life with baby; postpartum doula, postpartum depression, sleep training, childcare, classes and resources for parents and babies

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