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The fourth trimester is the 12 week period that begins after you’ve given birth.  It is a time of great physical and emotional change as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb, and you adjust to new life as a parent.

A postpartum doula will be instrumental in providing evidenced-based support and information when you need it the most.  As a new parent, guidance with essential things like infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, parent-child bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care are vital in adjusting to your new life.

A postpartum doula helps the family throughout the fourth trimester with the following

  • Settling in
    • Figuring out a new routine, getting rest & sleep, and maintaining home
    • Acclimating children and pets to baby
  • Newborn & Infant Care 
    • Best practices, safety, sanitation, and protection
  • Feeding
    • Positioning, assistance with formula feeding and breastfeeding, bottle selection, and resources for lactation support
  • Sleeping
    • Positioning, swaddling, soothing
  • Emotional Support & Socializing
    • Personal attention and one-on-one support to parents
    • Resources for support groups and local classes for parents and babies
  • Physical Comfort
    • Assistance and recommendations to help mom recover from pregnancy and childbirth
    • Self-care recommendations
  • Childcare
    • Care for the baby during the day and/or overnight
    • Sibling supervision
  • Product Guidance
    • Necessary and useful products for new parents & baby
    • Suggestions for products to help with feeding, drinking, teething, sleeping and more
  • Household Support
    • Organization pertaining to baby
    • Creating and helping maintain calendar/diary of events, appointments, and plans
    • Helping with light housekeeping, meal prep, and errands
    • Scheduling and attending visits with medical providers
  • Guidance
    • Direction with postpartum issues mom may experience - vaginal, breast, abdominal, c-section recovery, depression, etc.
    • Informational support, advocacy, and referrals
    • Partner/father support
    • Scheduling and attending visits with medical providers
    • Helping identify when medical intervention is needed
    • Discussing future plans such as childcare

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