AppeTEETHERS - Nopainapple

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AppeTEETHERS - Nopainapple
Little Toader's AppeTEETHERS Nopainapple Teething Toy looks just like a freshly sliced pineapple ring. Realistically designed, chewing on this may trigger a few chuckles while providing soothing relief for your little one's sore gums.
Little Toader AppeTEETHERS Nopainapple Teething Toy is realistically designed to look like a slice of pineapple
Textured design helps provide soothing relief for your little teether's achy gums
Suitable for ages birth and up
Made of food-grade silicone
BPA- and PVC-free
Hand wash in hot water with mild detergent; do not boil
CPSC compliant

  • Brand: little toader

Item Number: 4870-4