Axel & Beast Tropical Tangle Book

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Grabbem Industries are having a blast on a tropical island – a NUCLEAR blast! Axel and BEAST have to stop Grabbem no matter what. But what if it means splitting up?
BEAST is no ordinary robot, and Axel isn’t your usual gamer – together they’re an unstoppable team, working to fight Grabbem Industries, and anyone else who threatens the planet.
The Axel & Beast books are packed with super-cool tech, a diverse cast, a lightning-fast pace, and word art and energetic illustrations, along with exaggerated, over-the-top situations – and villains – to keep emerging readers glued to the page.
Series: Axel & Beast
Packed with super-cool tech, lots of character diversity, and fast-paced action, this is a funny adventure series about a kid and his robot best friend trying to save the world.

  • Brand: Usborne

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