Busy Bundle (Ages 2-4)

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The DJECO Joy Box for ages 2-4 is designed to keep toddlers and preschoolers BUSY! With lots of options from oversized floor puzzles to games to play with an older sibling, this bundle will be serving your family for months and years to come. 

Floor puzzle - 6 giant floor puzzles inside, 9-15 pcs each, 1 example puzzle pc of each animal to build, great for mulitple kids, make a game where you hide the example animals in a pillow case and you have to create the animal you draw

Little Action Game - game for ages 2.5-5, 2-4 players, game time 10 min, intended to be played between a child + adult or child + sibling, gets kids energy out by accomplishing different physical skills like balancing the character on their head or toss/catch, quickly rewarding with a token, the soft play pieces are the secret success to this game. Instructions included.

Head to Toe Sticker Set - Stickers for 18m+ WHAT?, so cool because there's no backing to the page, simply lift the stickers off easy-peasy, 100+ stickers, 2 styles x 3 copies =6 total sheets

Portrait Magnets - You said it, looks like Mr Potato Head. Double sided magnetic box comes with 38 pcs to decorate a face and show lots of personality…and emotion

Collages Kit - An all-time DJECO best-seller! 4 sturdy cardboard pictures to complete with a simple glue stick. Parents love it because there's a separate marked envelope of supplies for each project. Everything you need is inside the box! Hang it, frame it, give it to Grandma. Instructions included.

Pretty Little Things Tattoos - An essential in every kids life, but did you know these work on Easter eggs too? Get crafty. 2 perforated sheets

Water Painting Kit - A genius idea - art is revealed when you swipe the water-filled pen across the page, reusable; simply allow to dry and paint again, 4 heavy-duty plastic pages come in a travel-friendly bag, sturdy cardboard play surface included