Busy Bundle (Ages 7+)

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The DJECO Joy Box for ages 7+ was created to get kids in touch with play (again). Changing interests and changing times can bring lots of choices to a child's life, but giving them good classic crafts and puzzles helps slow down the process and remember it's still ok to be a kid.

Dinosaur Artistic Patch - What did it look like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Show us with the cool metallic sticker patches over 4 different backgrounds. This little art kit is Magic…and NO-Mess! Tear off a dinosaur patch, rub to transfer the sticky patch to the backdrop, remove the clear film (like a tattoo) select the perfect metallic finish, place on top of the sticky patch, rub to transfer! 4 styles x 3 copies = 12 sheets. Blank on the opposite side - perfect for sending a note to a friend! Instructions included.

Around the World Puzzle - Sharpen those geography skills for the whole family with a 200 pc jigsaw puzzle of the World. Booklet included with facts and objects to find on the puzzle after it's built. 

Children's Walk Gallery Puzzle - Get lost in the jungle with the beautiful artwork of a Children's Walk. Roll out the enclosed poster and get puzzling with this 200 pc jigsaw. 

Deep in the Jungle Mosaics - 4 bold and daring pictures to complete with metallic foil stickers and jewels. The finished work of art is stunning and will require an art exhibition. Instructions included.

Dazzling Bird Colored Sand - Feels like springtime with these glittery feathered friends. Peel away the numbered sections to apply the matching glitter or sand. 4 projects to complete. Sturdy box you'll want to re-purpose. Instructions included. 

Sea Life Scratch Cards - Follow the guided instructions to reveal 4 cool, glow in the dark sealife pictures. Instructions included.

Fashionista Transfers Kit - Dream of opening your own boutique with these posh scenes to complete. Parents love the vintage theme of the 3 scenes with matching transfers. Simply scratch a pencil over the top to transfer the image to the paper - voila!

Origami Planes - Not just your average paper airplanes -- 20 sheets to form a variety of airplane styles. Pilots included - 20 pilot stickers to take charge of the fleet. Instructions included.