Busy Bundle (Ages 4-6)

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The DJECO Joy Box for ages 4-6 lets them practice skills they are building at school and in life. Enrich the day-to-day schedule with something fun - what we like to call "sneaky learning." Puzzles, games, and crafts can all be used to supplement math, language, and arts. Relax and enjoy this time.

Giant Floor Puzzle - Follow little bear all throughout the year and learn about seasons, holidays, and more! 24 pc giant floor puzzle with an extra large 8 inch bear to build around. Teaches sequencing.

King's Party Puzzle - Who's coming to the King's Party? Roll out the enclosed poster and get puzzling with this 100 pc jigsaw. 

Jungle Animal Masks DIY Maker Kit - Crafting made simple! Create a mask for each family member. 8 mosaic masks made of soft cardboard ready to decorate with metallic mosaic stickers. Follow the color and shapes to complete the mask. Attach the elastic string. Have a party! Instructions included.

Little Associations Game - Game for ages 2.5-5, 2-4 players, game time 10 min, intended to be played between a child + adult or child + sibling, of all the Little Games this one is best suited for the older end of the age range (4/5), there are 3 habitats and a character that "lives" in each, when the player turns over the card the first person to spot/associate the item in the habitat, must place the correct animal there, ex: carrot card played, grab bunny, place in garden, WIN token!  The soft play pieces are the secret success to this game. Instructions included.

Collages Kit - An all-time DJECO best-seller! 4 sturdy cardboard pictures to complete with a simple glue stick. Parents love it because there's a separate marked envelope of supplies for each project. Everything you need is inside the box! Hang it, frame it, give it to Grandma. Instructions included.

Dinosaur Stickers - You can never have enough dinosaurs in your life! 2 styles x 2 copies = 4 sheets

Sugarland Transfer Art Kit - Dream of Summer and sweet treats with these colorful scenes to complete. Parents love the vintage theme of the 3 scenes with matching transfers. Simply scratch a pencil over the top to transfer the image to the paper - voila!

Oh It's Magic Painting Art Kit - Lay down the plastic dropcloth (included) and get painting! This is painting on a grand scale, 4 XL projects inside. Discover the fun of creating patterns with 3 different cut-out tapes, paints, and sponge brushes. Complete the picture, hang, be PROUD! Instructions included.