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Construction Plate
Constructive Eating’s award-winning, best-selling Construction Plate was designed by parents with both fun and function in mind. The Construction Plate’s patented design features a ramp that leads up to the spoon’s “loading dock.” Another section of the plate contains a slotted ramp that enables kids to sneak the tines of their fork under their food and lift the food up in the same way that a forklift raises its payload. Divided sections on the plate help prevent the unpopular event, according to children, of different foods touching each other. Used by occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and special education teachers to promote development, Constructive Eating’s Construction Plate helps build fine motor skills and independence during mealtime. The plate is manufactured using a combination of smooth plastic and a rubbery one to create an engaging tactile feel and fun details. The bottom of the Construction Plate has small posts of the rubbery material to minimize the plate moving around on a table’s surface.

  • Brand: Constructive Eating

Item Number: 9800-4