All Natural Laundry Detergent

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  • Eco Friendly - 100% All Natural - No chemicals
  • Country Fresh Laundry Detergent 300ml
  • Natural Fresh Scent
  • 100+ Loads
  • Cold or Warm water wash - HE compatible
  • Septic safe
All natural Country Fresh Laundry Detergent is great for your regular or high efficiency (HE) washing machine. Our powder detergent has NO CHEMICALS so you will have bright, clean and fresh laundry just like Grandma used to wash. Our Green clean as an additive will energize your load even more! Good for up to 100 loads depending on the size of each load. * No detergents, fragrance, dyes or bleach. * Warm or Cold water wash. * Septic safe. * 100% all natural. // DIRECTIONS: Use (2tsp) two teaspoons for large loads. Use (1tsp) one teaspoon for smaller loads and front end washing machines. /
Ingredients: Ash soda, borax, coconut oil, canola oil, litsea cubeba oil, essential oil, lye, water
Made in Canada

  • Brand: Buncha Farmers

Item Number: 8494-3