Mini Voyager Sailboat- Red

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Mini Voyager Sailboat- Red
Use a transmitter to control a sailboat with the PlaySTEAM Mini Voyager 280 2.4G Sailboat. Complete with a 2-channel transmitter, control the sail angle and water rudder.
The PlaySTEAM Mini Voyager 280 2.4G Sailboat is available in 3 different colors-red, blue, and green! This is an easy to use product with no assembly required. Complete with a wire transmitter, control your boat and race against others.
  • 2 9-Gram servos
  • Battery and Charger
  • Transmitter
  • Display Stand
Control your own mini sailboat and learn about sailing! No assembly required. Ages 14+

  • Brand: PlaySTEAM

Item Number: 10942-8