Numbers 1-10 Matching

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Numbers 1-10
20 double sided tiles provide multiple ways to learn to count and to recognize numbers.
Side one has the written number; side 2 has dots representing the number; side 3 has the number's spelling; and the final side has images representing the number (i.e. 7 fish for the number 7).
Endless was for children to match, sort and stack the tiles enabling them to count, write, and read numbers 1-10.
Tiles are sized for preschool hands and measure .3 x 2.2 x2.8 inches. Suitable for children 2 and up.
Sustainably crafted from chemical free rubberwood trees, formaldehyde-free glues, organic pigments, water based dyes, and safety tested

  • Brand: Plan Toys

Item Number: 8724-36