Tinker Rings

Tinker Rings

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Tinker Rings


Get your little one thinking, tinkering, and learning early!

The sturdy rings are each covered with a wonderfully soft, rubbery surface and designed with unique, engraved textures little fingers will love to explore.

Meanwhile, built into every ring are magnets, arranged just right so that, no matter which side of each ring is facing up, they'll always connect and stack perfectly from big to small!

Or, for more advanced play - How many of the rings can you get to hang from each other all at once?

Get a head start on early tactile learning while inspiring hours of exploration with Tinker Rings.

Tinker Rings

Set of 5 textured rings with built-in magnets for easy stacking

Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, spatial reasoning, tactile learning

Rings each feature soft, rubbery surface, engraved textures

Magnets built into rings, snap together and stack no matter which side of rings are facing up

Includes 5 rings sized big to small

Largest ring measures 4.75 inches in diameter

BPA-free - Exceptionally safe

High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional early-learning experience

  • Brand: Fat Brain Toy Co.

Item Number: 5383-55